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Buddy Review & Blog Tour - Sever by Mary Elizabeth

Today we have the blog tour for SEVER by Mary Elizabeth. Check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: SEVER 
Author: Mary Elizabeth 
Series: Closer Duet 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release: April 5th 
Cover Designer: Sofie at Hart and Bailey Designs


Misery overstayed its welcome. But fate will not be so easily swayed. Gabriella Mason and Teller Reddy have walked a thin line between affection and hostility for years. The intensity that once set them on fire has ended their engagement and separated them by more than just miles. Forced together by circumstances they never saw coming, Gabriella and Teller have no choice but to face the past that brought them together and ultimately severed them apart. Wrecked and Damaged have collided. This is what happens when they try to pick up the pieces.

Before we dive into our reviews, we had a chat about Sever since we buddy read it.  Hope you enjoy!

J- OHHHHH M......

M- What the fuck does Ohhh M mean? Are you drunk?

J- It's time to talk about one of my favorite books!!!!

M- Hmmm I'm pretty sure you're referring to Sever????


M- I fucking LOVED it, it was so worth the wait!

J- So, tell me how did you like it... you know I get all fan girly over Mary Elizabeth.
UGH right?!?!!? That's what I said! Teller is literally EVERYTHING.

M- I know I loved it you know that, I've been dying for more Teller and Smella
When he beats the crap out of the washer and dryer I was like YEEESS

J- I got the chance to beta read, and I'm still like in disbelief that I got to beta one of my favorite authors, but even when I was beta reading, it was like the same story.  Not a lot was changed.  It was THAT good.
I knew you would love that part you sicko.

M- She's such a poetic writer, it's insane. And you know I RARELY cry at books but when Teller says "at least I get to walk you down the aisle once" I lost it.

J- UGH.. I cried a couple of times, I swear being a mom turned me into an emotional little bitch lol..

M- Hmmm, pretty sure you were a bitch before you were a mom.

J- WOAH, Yes I was a bitch before, but I’m a bit of an emotional bitch now.
So wait, was there anything you didn’t like, or wish you got more of?

M- Honestly no, it was perfect, I was extremely happy with the little surprise in there.  I didn't expect it

J- I can honestly say, there isn't a thing I would change either... AND YES THAT SUPRISE... even though Mary ruined it for me when I was beta reading LMAO... but ugh this book was everything... It's one of my fav series. (or duets) We know how I feel about Mary and her writing.  She could write a children’s book and I'd freak lol

M- I know lol, that surprise is your fave.

J- Well I'm glad we both agree on this one -which is super rare- so let's move on to our reviews.

M- Agreed my pet

M's Review

Well I've been waiting for this book to come out for so long and let me tell you it was worth the wait. I went into reading Closer not knowing it was a duet and at the end I just wanted more. I finally got my more. Teller and Smella are back again to show how us how dysfunctional they are.

"Tell me what this is" "Covering my mouth with my hands to keep from crying out, I squeeze my sad-soaked lashes. "I don't know," I whisper. "I'll tell you what it isn't baby" His voice is so close I feel his breath on the back of my neck. "This isn't over."

As usual Ella has run away and Teller is more than happy to chase her. I really didn't know how this story would go, having read other books by Mary Elizabeth I know that anything goes. 

"At least I get to walk you down the aisle once, " Teller whispers.

"Keep your first name, " I say. "But take my last."

Some things did happen in this story that I have to say I didn't expect AT ALL but was soooooo happy about. I really don't want to give anything away because if you're a true Teller and Ella fan you just want to go in blind. I will say that Mary's writing is spot on as always, she has such a poetic way of weaving a story and it's incredible to read. I want more!!!! 

J's Review

"When two fuck-ups come together, chances are it'll end badly."

OK. I’m going to try my hardest to not fan girl during this review, but we all know how I feel about Mary Elizabeth, and if you don’t, well I’m sort of obsessed.

Sever, the second book following Closer, was seriously so amazing.  If you’ve never read any of Mary’s books:
1.       What are you waiting for?
2.       She is seriously one of the most poetic, amazing, talented writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  Seriously, her writing is so freaking addicting. 

Sever picks up exactly where Closer leaves off.  After a bad break up between Teller and Ella, Teller tries to right his wrongs, but with these two it's never that easy.  So if you’ve read Closer you know that Teller and Ella’s relationship is the furthest thing from normal.  Some would call it dysfunctional, or toxic.  For me, its just who they are.  They’re hatred mixed with passion.  Wounded mixed with tenderness.  They’re enraged mixed with compassion.  Together they’re this beautiful contradiction that just… works.

Both Teller and Ella fucked up their relationship in their own ways.  One is too scared to commit, the other wants the relationship so bad, they’ll do whatever it takes to have it.  

Sever is the story of redemption.  It’s what happens when two people who are so damaged, crash and have to pick up the broken pieces.  This book has it all.  The hurt, the pain, the love, the forgiveness.  IT IS EVERYTHING. I FELT EVERYTHING. I LOVED EVERYTHING.

"The stars don’t need to hear her tender moans. The moon doesn’t deserve them. The universe didn’t fight as hard as I did. I cover her mouth with my hand because those sounds belong to me, and the sky won't rob me of them."

One of my favorite types of stories to read are dysfunctional/toxic relationships because they are real.  Some stories are worse than others, but I love a crazy relationship, and Teller and Ella, though there is a light at the end of their tunnel, the shit they went through to get there was one hell of a roller coaster.

If you haven’t read Sever, you need to. But, you have to read Closer first, since it is a continuation.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and read these books.  They’re addicting.  I promise you, you will love these characters, the words, you’ll love it all. 

Mary, it goes without saying, you have a forever fan in me <3

“So,” Mili starts not-so-subtly. “Teller tells me you’re selling your dad’s house up north.”
“My realtor called me yesterday and said we received an offer. I accepted this morning.” There’s no point in hiding the disappointment that burns my eyes.
“That was fast,” she replies. Her caring, motherly tone leaves me uncomfortable. Mili Reddy has never treated me like anything less than a member of the family, but even after all this time, I can’t fully accept maternal affection. Dysfunction forced on me by my absentee mother fills the empty spaces with awkwardness and strain. “Did you think it was going to sell that quickly?”
“No,” I answer.
She nods her head. “Did you want to sell the house, Ella?”
“No,” I say. It’s the first time I’ve admitted the truth to anyone, let alone myself. My decision to return to St. Helena and sell the house was rash, and one I made without thinking. “But it’s probably for the best.”
“I heard you saw your mom,” she says thoughtfully.
A gunshot of disappointment and grief blasts through me, leaving me full of holes that expose my every fear. I’m taken back to the moment I saw the woman who brought me into the world for the first time since she abandoned her family. She looked the same but rougher around the edges. My mother, Karen Mason, has more gray hair than brown, which used to match my own. There are lines around her eyes and a filter on her face that all former drug addicts wear.
For years, I thought about what I would say if I ever saw her again, but when the moment came, I was wordless. Time stood still, and the only thought that crossed my mind as I stopped face-to-face with the past was that I wanted Teller.
“That won’t happen again now that the house sold. I won’t go back there,” I say.
Mili takes my hand, amplifying my level of freaking out. I could open the car door, jump, and run for the sake of my state of mind.
I’m messed up.
How broken does a person need to be to risk road rash than face emotional honesty?
“I can’t begin to imagine how painful that was for you, sweet girl. But do you think a conversation with her might give you closure?”
“Can I ask you a question?” I ask.
She squeezes my hand. “Yes.”
“How does a mother leave her kids?” That’s what it comes down to. I don’t have kids, and I don’t know if I can bring myself to have them after what I’ve been through, but from what I know, it’s a crime against nature to abandon the lives a person forces into the world. I didn’t ask to be born, and I didn’t ask for abandonment. I’m a victim of circumstance, and it royally screwed me up.
“Well,” she starts, letting go of my hand and returning hers to the steering wheel. “As a mother, I don’t know if I can give you the answer you’re looking for. My children are complicated beings, and I don’t always like them, but I will always love them. They could never do anything to change my mind about being their mom despite their complications.”
We come to a slow stop at a red light, and I chuckle because said complications are the understatement of the century. Maby is mad, and Teller is layered.
“I am not a perfect parent,” she continues. “I’ve contributed to the people they’ve grown to be, and I have a lot of guilt every time Maby locks herself in her room for a week at a time, or when my son chases the girl of his dreams across the state when all she wants is to be left alone.”
I scoff, and she smiles.
“There have been plenty of times when I wonder if they’d be better off without me. I understand your mother’s thought process.” Mili parks the car in front of Maby’s place. “All parents think about running away from their families during the hard times. What I don’t understand is how she decided to do it. I can’t even begin to imagine how she felt about herself to truly believe you would be better without her influence.”
“She was on drugs,” I say. “She wanted her habit more than she wanted Em and me.”
“Maybe, maybe not.” Mili takes my face in her hands. “But don’t ever question her love for you, Ella. Love for a child is not something a mother can turn off. You’re loved by so many, and I, for one, am thankful to have you in my life. I’ve watched you grow into a caring, intelligent woman who loves so hard and completely you don’t know what to do with it. That’s not a bad thing, Ella.”
“I don’t know how you can say that.” My tears run through her fingers. “With everything Teller and I have been through—”
Mili tilts her head back and laughs in the same exact way her son did earlier tonight. “Honey, my kid means the world to me, but that boy will drive the sanest person insane. I don’t think anyone blames you for slapping him around sometimes.”
“You can’t be serious.” I roll my tear-filled eyes.
She unbuckles her seat belt and opens the car door, letting in the cold night’s air. With one foot on the pavement, she looks over her shoulder and says, “I’m only half-serious. You guys drive me wild. Get it together.”
We spend the rest of the night in a blur of exfoliations and girl talk. I cringe when Nic gossips about her sex life with Emerson and swoon with Mili when she reminisces romantic moments with Theodore, who’s normally a hard ass. As they talk about how much they adore the men in their lives, substantial longing lodges my heart into my throat. It drowns out our conversation to a low hum, and I am restless.
Mili pats my thigh and whispers, “Are you okay?”
Nodding slightly, I’m claustrophobic under my charcoal face mask and blocked between Maby and her mom.
“I’ll be right back.” I grab my cell phone from the coffee table in front of me, knocking over my champagne flute, and escape to the backyard.
I can breathe under the stars, but I can’t escape the reality of what I’ve done: overreacted. Teller should’ve been honest with me, but I shouldn’t have destroyed the life we were only beginning to create together. If there’s one thing Teller has given me since the first moment we met, it’s unconditional devotion. In return, I accepted him no matter what.
Until I didn’t.
My hands tremble as I pull up his number, and my heart doubles, triples in size as it rings.
And it completely stops when he doesn’t answer.

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About Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth is an up and coming author who finds words in chaos, writing stories about the skeletons hanging in your closets. Mary was born and raised in Southern California. She is a wife, mother of four beautiful children, and dog tamer to one enthusiastic Pit Bull and a prissy Chihuahua. She’s a hairstylist by day but contemporary fiction, new adult author by night. Mary can often be found finger twirling her hair and chewing on a stick of licorice while writing and rewriting a sentence over and over until it’s perfect. She discovered her talent for tale-telling accidentally, but literature is in her chokehold. And she’s not letting go until every story is told.

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