Friday, April 6, 2018

Fallen Reign by S.L. Jennings

Yesterday, I had the audacity to imagine a future. 

One that didn't include hunting demons hellbent on destroying humanity or being used as a pawn for my father's revenge. One comprised of a home and a family and all the things I'd longed for as a broken child. 

Then in the blink of a silver speckled eye, my foolish hope was extinguished, and my world came crumbling down. 

We stood strong. We fought. We lost. 

I lost. 

Legion, the demon I dared to love, was gone. 

Now I'm going to tear myself in two and do the unthinkable to find him. I'm going to put my trust in his brother--his enemy--and make a deal with the Devil. And while his darkness and depravity echo mine, I know this won't end well for either of us. 

My body may survive, maybe even my soul. I can't promise the same for my heart. This time, I will not fail. I will not hesitate. And if it comes down to it, I'll be the weapon I was created to be. I will follow the code of the Se7en and do what I should have done when we had the chance. 

Kill one to save a million. 
Kill him to save the world.

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My Review
5 Stars

I don't even know how to write this right now. Seriously this book was amazing and I'm such an emotional mess because of this. This book was a complete mind fuck, the epilogue was a complete mind fuck. S.L. Jennings has really outdone herself with this one. If you're reading this you've clearly read the previous 3 books in this series. As I've stated in my prior reviews, I've been team Luc from the start, ever since I met him in the bathroom at Irin's party I was full on team Luc. While I won't give away who Eden winds up with I will say that I knew no matter what, this was going to be a 5 star read regardless of who she wound up with. The writing and the storyline was just insanely good. We get to see a different side of Lucifer in Fallen Reign.

"I realize I'm a fool for pretending this is real-that this could somehow last beyond this night. So I'm asking you ...remember me. Just try, even when all thought of me is wiped away."

I was so excited to get the gang back, the Se7en of course, and my Dark Light friends Dorian and Gabriella. It turns out Gabriella takes on quite a twist in this book. There are so many twists and surprises that I really suggest going in blind. If you haven't already you're probably going to need to join S.L. Jennings facebook group when you're done, you will be in need of support.

"That was the first and only time you will ever bring me to my knees"

All I can say is I hope this isn't the last book of this series. There needs to be more!

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