Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My Review- Torrid Affair by Callie Anderson

I’m f*cked.
The life I have lived for the past ten years is built solely on lies and secrets.
But I can’t help myself.
I’m in love with two different men. And one of them is my brother-in-law.
He’s my drug. My fire. My addiction.
But he’s married to my best friend. And I’m married to my husband.
I’m not ashamed. I have no guilt. 
I’m not only f*cked. I’m a f*cked up person.
This is the story of how I ruined my life.
And the life of the one I love most.

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My Review
2 Stars

So this book started off really well for me. I honestly thought it was going to be a 5 star read but unfortunately this wasn't the case. If you've read the synopsis then you already know that this is a cheating book but I honestly don't think it needed to be at all. Nate the hero meets Brielle the heroine and there's an instant attraction so he asks her out on a date. After the date Brielle's roommate/best friend Delaney asks her to accompany her to a football game where she plans to meet her crush Moose. It turns out "Moose" is a nickname for Nate and for obvious reasons Brielle is pissed off. Having said that, Nate made it clear that he was meeting Delaney as a friend and that they weren't together so I don't understand why he just didn't tell Delaney he wasn't interested in the first place. It made no sense to me but I was able to move on and prevail. We move on to the present which is ten years later and we learn that Nate has married Delaney for reasons I won't say and that Brielle has married Julian, Nate's brother. Brielle hasn't spoken or seen Nate & Delaney for 10 years, and I'm now thinking how is this possible, since the girls were best friends and the guys are brothers. Fast forward Brielle finds herself on Nate and Delaney's doorstep for reasons I won't say and of course the sexual tension is there once again. We come to find out that the reason Nate married Delaney was based on a lie and he knew about it all along. For me that was kind of the last straw while reading. I mean why the hell would he stay in a loveless marriage when he knew it was a lie all along. Having said that I really don't like to give low ratings but I have to be honest in my opinion. I don't want to deter anyone from reading this book because as you can see a ton of people loved it including some of my good friends. However, this book was just not my cup of tea.

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