Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Vow of Thorns by R.Scarlett - Review

Never disobey the court.
Never disobey the crown.
And never tame that vicious heart.
In A Vow of Thorns, sacred laws are broken when a beauty holds an iron heart.
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My Review
5 Stars

Ok so I have to be honest. I originally started Vein of Love (the first book in this series) a while ago. I was in a typical "bitch" funk and stopped reading it, as I tend to do with many books when I'm like this. I decided to go back and try again and I realized I literally only read like 4 pages. I was like wow I am definitely an asshole and need to give this another try. I am so glad I did because the book was awesome. 

Now here I am after just finishing A Vow of Thorns and I can't even take it. I'm having all sorts of feels right now. Tensley and Molly's love story continues and transforms as the story progresses. We are introduced to some new characters as well.  The Fallen King comes into play and convinces Tensley to come and command his army. The Fallen King, well what can I say about him, he's the biggest asshole on the planet and I literally wanted to climb into my kindle and kill the bastard myself. Same goes with his asshole wife Lilith, ugh she's a royal pain in my ass.... no pun intended.   Can I just say that I am so in love with Tensley too, he's just so sexy, so arrogant and so protective over Molly. 

"If only because it meant I could love you Love you the way you deserve. The way I've come to realize I've wanted to. Love you and tell you so, in as many ways as possible. Love you and be able to show the whole damn world how you've completely ensnared me. But because of what I am, because of how I was....raised, I couldn't".

It's a difficult task to be able to keep a reader interested in reading more than 3 books about the same couple but R. Scarlett nailed it because so far this is my favorite in the series. It just gets better and better and let me tell you the ending, holy shit I did not see that coming and it totally destroyed me but I love it just the same!

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