Sunday, April 15, 2018

Review - Tangled Love by Haley Jenner

Codi Rein is a means to an end. A bloody and vengeful penance for wrong doing. She was our way to inflict pain and suffering on those who took away what was most important to us.
She was supposed to be a no one. Insignificant.
She wasn’t supposed to make me smile.
She wasn’t supposed to make me laugh.
She sure wasn’t supposed to make me feel anything other than hate.
She wasn’t supposed to make me love her.
She was a means to an end. Now the bloody and vengeful end looks to be mine. Because it now comes down to love or loyalty and it’s on me to decide what reigns absolute; heart or family.

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My Review
5 stars

So I finished Tangled Love last night and what can I say. It was sooooo freaking good. Parker is a dominant intimidating man and I love that about him. Codi is a sweet natured somewhat naïve woman and while I usually wouldn't like a character like her I loved her. Haley Jenner has a way of creating a female character who may be naïve and a bit insecure but strong minded none the less, and that is why I loved her. Even though Codi was naïve she wasn't weak at all. She stood her ground and stuck up for herself. 

"Your smile. That one was fake. Don't smile at me like that. I only want our real ones."

I don't say this often because I truly don't feel it often but there's a difference between being an amazing writer and having the talent of having a way with words. If you're lucky you can achieve both. In my opinion Haley Jenner has achieved both. I truly am so addicted to their words I get wrapped up in them. 

"People think a proposal should be a huge fuckin' deal; flowers and champagne, me on one knee. I disagree, what we just shared, that's as intimate and as emotional as anyone can gt. Lost in one another the way I'm lost in you.".

This is the first book in the Chaotic Rein series and Haley Jenner set us up with some kickass secondary characters. Parkers brother Rocco who I LOVEEEEEE and Codi's sister Camryn who has many secrets but I have a feeling she's going to be badass. I can't wait for the next book in this series!

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