Saturday, May 26, 2018

Buddy Review - Just One Night by Charity Ferrell

A one-night stand with a widowed-single dad? Not a good idea.

“What the f*ck have I done?” aren’t the first words you want to hear after a one-night stand. 
Yet that’s what he gave me. 

Dallas Barnes is tall, dark, and handsome. 
He’s also scarred, rough, and broken down by burdens. 
A single dad. A widower. A lost soul. 

We found each other in the back of a dark pub. 
He brought the whiskey. 
I brought the bad decisions. 
He called it a mistake. 
I vowed never to speak to him again. 

That vow is broken with one test. 
Two pink lines have turned my life upside down. 
One night can change everything. 

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Before we jump into our buddy review here’s the convo M & I had before starting Just One Night by Charity Ferrell

M- Find us a book!!
J- Just One Night by Charity Ferrell looks good.
M- K let’s try that.  I feel like we’re going to hate everything lol
J- You’re being so cooperative today.  Are you feeling okay?
J- LOL I know.  It’s your fault bc I was amped to read, also I feel like I’m in the mood for a rom com or alpha.
M- I know I cant believe myself right now.  You know I love rom-coms.

J- Ok not bad
M- Yeah I like it so far.
J- Me too
M- I think you’ve done good with this one.  Im so digging the chick and him.  I mean this has potential to be a 5 possibly.
J- Right OMG im so excited.  I’m really liking this.

*9:12 pm*
J- What % did you stop at for the night?

*10:05 pm*
J- I’m loving this but I don’t want to get too excited LOL

*12:12 am*
J- I cant stop fucking reading this.  Honestly if you don’t like this I’m done with you.

*2 am*
J- Done 5 stars.

*7:57 am*

*2:22 pm*
M- I’m really liking this a lot.

*4:49 pm*

M’s Review

Wow! Well this was really unexpected. My blog partner and I rarely agree on a buddy read mainly because we're both a pain in the ass when it comes to books. We generally only buddy read books by authors we both love so when J chose this book for us by an unknown author to both of us I was convinced one or both of us probably wouldn't like it. Man was I wrong, we literally were bugging out over this book. It was so damn good.

Willow the heroine is strong and everything I like in a female character and Dallas is your hot brooding single dad who is still mourning the loss of his late wife. They get really drunk one night and hook up and bam she's now pregnant. 
This book took me an an emotional joyride, one minute I was laughing the next I was near tears.

"This is bigger than hacking into Brett's phone or when I pissed myself after we drank too many Skinnygirl margaritas."

"Take a step back from the relationship we've been building? Take a step back from feeling happiness? Take a few steps back from making love?" 

This story has the perfect amount of angst, the perfect amount of humor, and the perfect amount of push/pull. I'm so excited to have found a new author I love!

J's Review

 “We were two lonely and heartbroken souls who connected over a night of drinking our pains away. When the alcohol proved not to be potent enough to heal, we tried to fuck it away.”

I’m honestly so in love with this book.  Charity is a new to me author and I’m now obsessed.  I need to read all her books like NOW!

Like M said in her review, we were looking for something to buddy read which is always such a grueling process since we can almost NEVER agree on anything to read.  Either she likes something, and I hate it, or I love it and she hates it.  When she asked me to look for a book I thought I knew where this process was headed.  Honestly, I’M CLEARLY THE BETTER ONE in this duo since I found this perfect book and we both 5 STARED IT. THAT NEVER HAPPENS WITH A BUDDY READ/ NEW AUTHOR.

“Our conversation ends. Our connection ends. My hope for him ever touching me again ends. I can’t get attached. I can’t let Dallas Barnes in again. In my head. In my vagina. In my heart.”

OK… So, about the actual book… Guys it was everything!!!  8% in I knew I was going to love it.  Willow and Dallas’s story was one full of pain, passion, and everything in between.  Dallas is a single dad after losing his wife to cancer.  His brother Hudson is engaged to Willow’s best friend.  They all met while working for Willow's friend who is famous.  Anyways, Willow and Dallas have a one-night stand after drinking a lot one night, and things go from good to bad REAL QUICK. 

“I’m falling for this man who is broken, a little ruined, a bit of a disaster … and who gave up on love.”

The dynamic of their relationship was one that sucked me right in from the start.  This story was packed with angst, funny situations, serious situations, but through it all I felt all the emotions each character was going through.  The writing was seriously flawless. There's not much I can say because I don't want to ruin anything.  It's really a story you just need to experience going in blind!

If you love a single dad romance that is also SO MUCH MORE, do yourself a favor and read this book!

“I apologize with my tongue. Own her with it. Beg her not to turn her back on me and plead to her to give me another chance. If my words aren’t convincing enough, I hope my tongue can do the trick.”

Charity, though its my first time reading your books, you can be assured it won’t be my last! 

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