Thursday, May 17, 2018

My Review, Beneath Your Beautiful by Emery Rose

All I wanted was a fresh start in a new city...and a bartending job. I never intended to fall for the sexy, tattooed bar owner.
Emotionally unavailable. 
But Killian Vincent is a challenge I can’t seem to walk away from.
He’s afraid that if I dig too deep, I won’t like what I find. But he’s wrong, and I’m determined to prove it.

Love can destroy a man. Bring him to his knees. That’s why I never let anyone get too close.
Until Eden.
When she crashes into my life, I'm ready to shoot her down. Instead, I fold like a house of cards.
She’s on a mission to knock down my walls. Dig up truths better left buried.
I need to convince her that walking away is the right choice…before it destroys us both.

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My Review
4 Stars

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. When Emery asked if my blog partner and I would like to review her debut book I was really nervous. One of my goals for 2018 is to review every book I read including ones I didn't care for. I was so anxious I wasn't going to like this book only because it's her debut book and I'm a tough critic.
Let me just say for her first book I am so impressed, the writing was great. I knew after reading the first page that I was really going to like this book. I mean how can you not when you have a kickass heroine like Eden, who doesn't take shit from anyone. Then you have the brooding tattooed Killian who doesn't do relationships. 
Unfortunately when Eden is in her senior year of college she walks in on her boyfriend and her best friend. Does she hell no, instead she takes a bat to his car over and over again. Hell yeah Eden, you go girl. Eden moves to Brooklyn to start a new life after she graduates and is in need of a job. Enter Killian bar owner who is in need of a bartender.....That's all I'll say about the storyline you'll just have to read it for yourself. I will say Killian is hot as f&%k!!!

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