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My Review - Fighting For Phoenix by Lynne Leslie

Will they be able to rise from the ashes of this fight?

Phoenix Miles was my future... 

Until he left me shattered just like our engagement photo. I'm a survivor though. I have to be because it's not just my life anymore. When he walks into my bar, I smell more than beer brewing and knew letting him in would be a mistake. I won't let him break me again. 

I will win this fight. 

Jayden Carter was my world...

Until she tossed me away just like her engagement ring. I'm a survivor though. I have to be because revenge is all I have left. My path was set, then I walked into her bar. Now, I'm fighting for love and famil

As the saying goes, all's fair in love and war. 

Neither of us count on outside forces trying to tear us apart. Their endgame? Destruction. Our endgame? Love

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My Review
2 Stars

Let me preface this by saying I really don't enjoy writing anything but positive reviews, especially when the lovely Lynne Leslie asked J and I to read this in exchange for a review. 

Having said that let's dive right in. I was really looking forward to reading this book and as you can see by the reviews many people really enjoyed it. [ When we meet Jayden, she's on her way home to tell her fiancée Nix that she's pregnant. Upon entering his apartment she finds him naked on the bed with a naked blonde and there's a used condom wrapper on the floor. She also notices their engagement photo is smashed into pieces. So what does she do, she leaves. Ok I'm good so far, fast forward four years later and we learn that Nix apparently didn't sleep with this girl. So now I'm thinking how the hell is the author going to make something believable out of the earlier scenario.
So we come to find out that Nix's friend Eric and some other friends drugged him and set up the scene while one of them had sex with the blonde. I'm like okay that's not really  believable at all, like why the hell would 25 + men do something like that to break them up. It makes absolutely no sense. Maybe, just maybe girls would do this but guys, sorry no way in hell. Now I'm thinking ok what's the logic behind this, why would they do this?

Enter the stalker, he's creepy as hell and he clearly has a thing for Nix and takes out his sexual frustration on both men and women. This whole time I'm wondering who this guy could be. Fast forward a little more to where creepy stalker is now naked in a room watching a guy have sex with a girl on the bed and then another guy brings in another girl to screw against the wall. Then creepy stalker is screwing the guy while he screws the girl against the wall and when he's done tells everybody to stop. They all listen and leave right away and I'm like what is this a cult or something, this makes no sense why would these people do what he says? I mean it was clear that the girls were addicts but the guys, there was literally no explanation at all. Now we learn Creepy Stalker guy has an "in guy" at Nix's shop. Right away the new guy River is made to look suspicious so there's no way he's going to be the "in guy" right? Wrong he's the "in guy". 
Fast forward a bit more and we finally learn who creepy stalker is, it's none other than Eric who's been talked about already, and what's his reasoning behind this, he's just obsessed with Nix, that's it, like literally it. All of these people followed him and did what he said and for what reason. It just made no sense to me and honestly I found it completely predictable. (hide spoiler)]
Even though I could not personally connect to this book please don't let it deter you from reading this. The writing was good and if you look at the ratings I'm certainly the odd ball out!

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