Friday, May 18, 2018

My Review Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett

Prelude in the American Gods series.

Young. Wealthy. Elite. Attractive. The gentlemen’s secret society at Yale was filled with them.

And Nathaniel Radcliffe, the bane of my existence, was one of them.

As the right hand of the American Gods, he was conceited and arrogant. A dangerously handsome man in a tailored custom suit and shiny black oxford loafers.

The classroom was our battlefield. We made a sport out of arguing and debating, ready to do anything in order to win over the other.

Deadly opponents, deadlier minds.

I'd sworn I'd never give him the upper hand, until...

The secret I’ve been hiding for the last three years?

He just discovered it… and now he has all the power.

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My Review
4.5 Stars

4.5 Can I just start off by saying how hot is the cover to this book. I feel like R. Scarlett's covers just get hotter and hotter ugh. Okay enough about that let's get to the book.
Filthy Gods is the prelude novella to The American Gods series. On one side we have Juliette who's been in and out of the foster system most of her life only to earn a scholarship to Yale. On the other side we have Nathaniel Radcliffe rich kid who has the world at his feet but equally as intelligent as Juliette. Juliette has managed to keep her background from everyone at Yale until she finds herself at the mercy of Nathaniel working as a maid at his mother's country club.
They make a deal to sleep with each other during the summer to rid themselves of their attraction or distraction as Nathaniel likes to put it.

"I am also aware of the tension between us," he whispered, tilting his head to the side as he scanned my reddening features. "It's destructive, to say the least. It affects my focus because you're very, very, very distracting. And I don't do distractions, sweetheart."

Well you know how these deals tend to go. I've now read every single book from R. Scarlett and I have to say she always gives us a hot alpha hero but more importantly she never gives us a weak heroine, they're always pretty kickass and Juliette was no exception!
This book gave me such Cruel Intentions feels not because of the storyline per se but more so because of the dynamics of the story. Can't wait to read more!

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