Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My Review, I Dare You by Shantel Tessier

What do you do when the devil has you in his sights?

You show him that you can play his game.

Austin Lowes is new to town. She's running from a mom who hates her to her dad who cares nothing about her. Only a few months and she will be free, or at least, that's what she hopes ... until she meets him.

Cole Reynolds is the devil disguised as a man. He wants her fear, he wants her blood, and he wants her soul.

Just a little game, he says, I dare you.

Will Austin survive him, or will she lose herself and the game?

Secrets are revealed and justice will be served, but at what cost?

Who survives and who doesn't?

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My Review
4.5 Stars

So a friend of mine recommended this book to me and I honestly had no idea what I was in for. This book is a complete mind f&%k, you literally have no idea what's real and what's not, who's being honest & who's lying. So we have a group of rich high school seniors who are referred to as the "The Great White Sharks", amongst them is their leader Cole. These guys have secret dares which by the way are not your typical high school dares. They're more like life threatening holy sh&t type of dares.
Enter Austin a girl who literally has no one and is sent to live with her rich dad for her senior year in high school. This seems to work out perfectly for the sharks as they figure they can use her to complete their final dare. What they don't know is that Austin has nothing to lose and has no problem putting all of these guys in their place.
I was a little nervous I wouldn't like this since I know it's considered "dark" and I typically don't like dark but this story really drew me in.
Every time you think you have something figured out you realize you're wrong, there's more to the story and you are literally left guessing up until the very end.
If you're looking for a light and fun read this story is not for you, but if you're looking for a crazy story that somehow makes complete sense then you need to give this book a try.
I'll leave with my favorite part of the story.
"You dared me to show you a side of me that no one sees. And I have, Austin. Now I'm daring you to give me a chance to be more than the guy who hurt you."

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