Friday, June 29, 2018

M & J's buddy review of Checking In by Stylo Fantome

Do you ever wonder what happens to your favorite characters after an author writes The End?

Now is your chance to find out! Check in with a few of these wily personalities and get a sneak peek into what they've all been up to since this author wrote The End on them.

Is Mischa still in Italy?

Is Constantine still crazy?

Are Jameson and Tate still fighting?

We may finish books, but stories are never really over.


The Bad Ones

My Time in the Affair

The Mercenaries: Law

Twin Estates

The Kane Series

and a special chapter from an unpublished work -

While I Was Away

Muscle Memory

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*This was our conversation about Checking In*

M-Omg did you start Checking In yet???
J- I didn't start it yet!!!
M- Omg so I'm not going to give anything away but there's a preview of a book that's not out yet and it was a total mind fuck.  Like I have no clue what the hell is happening and we will definitely be comparing theories
J- wait it’s going to be a new book??  I can't wait to be reunited with my husband
M-Yesss and it's like nothing she's ever written least I think
Ugh you will not be disappointed. I loved Jameson's part. Literally reading the first sentence I was like YESSS
J- ohhhhh Melissa... I finished!!!!
M- And???? Are you bugging?
J- I wanted to kill you for not warning me about my husbands chapter!!!
M-You would have been so pissed at me
How cute was it. I guarantee we highlighted the same parts
J- I seriously think I would be totally fine with just reading Jameson for the rest of my life
M- Yeah me too. We need to con Stylo into writing a little bit every year for us...FOREVER
J- Yessss I’m so down for that.
Which story was your fav?
Mine is totally obvious
 M- Mine is Jameson too but I'm so intrigued with While I Was Away
J- Same!
I wonder when she’s gonna come out with it.
What are you rating Checking In?
M- 5 all the way I loved it. What about you?
J- I’m giving it a 4. It was nice to see all of the characters, but I have to be honest. I only care about Jameson. His story gets a 10 though.
M- Lmao I hear you

M's Review
5 Star Review

I don't even know what to say right now, I kind of want to move to Mexico just so I can stalk Stylo and be her best friend. I really don't know how she does it but I just love her books and Checking In was no exception. Getting a snippet of what all of her prior characters are doing now was so much fun.
It's been a while since I read My Time in the Affair so I was super excited to read Mischa and Tal and to see what they've been up to since I read them last. Reading their part of the book I felt like I read their story yesterday.
Reading Wulf and Liam, well don't even get me started. One thing I can say about Stylo is that she truly keeps her characters the same. If they're a dickhead in book 1 they're a dickhead in book 4 and that's one of things I love most about her.
Speaking of dickheads I got to read my favorite one again, JAMESON, but before I get to him I had the pleasure of getting completely mind fucked by While I Was Away. I don't even know what to say about that other than I can't wait until my blog partner Jill reads this so we can bug the hell  out together.
Yet I digress, okay back to my favorite dickhead in the entire WORLD, Jameson, can I just say I was literally bugging out reading about him and Tatum. I just love them so much and of course Sanders too. I'll leave you with some goodies but of course no spoilers.

"Dramatics? Fucking dramatics?" Tate said, walking backwards to the door. "How's this for dramatics?"
She gave them both the finger with one hand, while yanking open the door with the other.

"She'll be so mad, that when I apologize, it'll seem like an even bigger deal. It'll completely end the fight. Trust me, Sanders. This is how she and I operate."

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