Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Review of The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantome

Love isn't always bright and shiny.

Sometimes, it's dirty and wrong, buried six feet deep in a secret place where only wild things dare to go. Hidden behind a big black curtain that covers things no one should ever see.

Sometimes it happens between two people who should never be allowed to come together. One who is a match, and the other who just happens to be gasoline.

One strike is all it takes to burn the whole world down, and that's exactly what they plan on doing.

Even if it kills them.

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My Review
4.5 Stars

I've been on the fence about whether or not I wanted to read this book only because it's dark and I typically don't like dark romances. However, I signed up to review Checking In by Stylo Fantome and knew it contained snippets from all of her previous books so I knew I had to read this. I LOVE Stylo's books and honestly this book was no different for me. I don't know how she does it but her writing pulls me in every single time. Is this story dark? Hell yes but it's so much more than that. It's two dark souls finding truth in one another.

"I'm not..scared of you," she managed to gasp out, but then his grip grew so tight he completely cut off her oxygen.
"Of course you aren't scared of me. I'm not the wolf. You are."

Con is the mayors son who is also the golden boy. He's rich, good looking, popular but has a darkness that lurks deep within him.
Dulcie comes from a trailer park, her mom is basically a prostitute and her half brother is a druggie who's constantly groping her. She communicates her darkness through her drawings. When these two get together all hell breaks loose but it's actually pretty beautiful.

"No. I'm scared of myself," she breathed.

"Don't be scared, " he said, then he leaned in and kissed a tear away. "Don't ever be scared. It kills me. From now on, tell me whenever you're scared, and I'll take away your fears. Tell me when you're hurting, and I'll bleed for you."
Even though the two of them together is absolute chaos you can tell they love each other in a really, sick, sick way.
"Some day, you'll really love me, and if it's even half as much as I love you, we'll set the world on fire."

If you're a fan of dark romances you definitely need to give The Bad Ones a try!

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