Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Review - Family Ties by Sam Mariano

Francesca Morelli.

Sweet as sin, like the cupcakes she slings at the Morelli bakery. Her sweetness and killer looks are what reeled me in, but her unexpected vulnerability really sealed my fate. I don't care if there’s a war brewing between our families. I don’t care if I have to go through her evil dictator of a brother. I will break down Francesca Morelli’s walls, I will make her mine, and I’ll keep her—no matter the cost. 

Salvatore Castellanos.

If good men exist, I’ve certainly never met one—until the day my brother’s rival sauntered into my bakery. Raised around manipulation and unimaginable dysfunction, I know better than to invest in dishonest, dangerous men. I also know Salvatore is exactly that type of man—only, it turns out he isn’t. After years spent living in a shell, Salvatore opens me back up. He’s sexy and sincere, making well-intended promises he’ll never be able to keep. Even knowing he’ll ultimately break my heart, I can’t resist falling for him. 

But tensions are rising between our families, and whichever side wins, I know our love won’t make it out alive. Salvatore may be a man accustomed to getting what he wants, but as much as I wish otherwise, I’m the one thing he can never really have. 

*** THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE. This is book four, and read alone it will be confusing and weird. Also, you have to be as invested in the Morellis as you will be after books 1-3 in order to care about the Morelli madness accompanying this love story. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK FIRST, IT WILL BE A BAD TIME. ***

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My Review:

“ I can’t explain the way this girl gets to me. Up until now, I’ve been obsessed with fucking her, plain and simple. But right now that feels crass. Cheap. Inadequate. Fucking her isn’t enough. I want to make her mine.”

I have to start by saying I haven’t been this obsessed with a series like I am with this one, in a LONG time. That being said this book was sooooo good. Not gonna lie, I went into this story like “meh, I don’t really care about Fran and Sal’s story because hellllllo I’m obsessed with Mateo” buttttt I take it all back. This book was amazing! 

Sal seriously gives Mateo a run for his money. Not because he’s as ruthless (yes I’m a sucker for an antihero), but because he’s seriously one of the most amazing hero’s ever. Like when he loves, he fucking loves, and Sal will do anything to protect the people he cares about. Confession: before this book I was all about Mateo because I’m obsessed with the assholes, but this book had me questioning my feelings for him. I guess I’ll have to see moving forward if Mateo is still that amazing antihero in my eyes. 

I have to say, reading the first 3 books, Fran was pretty much quiet. I loved seeing her and getting to know her character. Her and Sal are seriously so freaking cute and I absolutely loved them together. I kept waiting for something to go wrong or to find out that one was betraying the other, but nope. I guess Sam just has me paranoid which is understandable since she’s killing me with these books. Anyways, seriously I can’t talk this series up enough. It’s amazing. If you love a good story surrounding a crime family, and you love ruthlessness, sex, and all that good stuff. This book is 100% for you. But just remember, MATEO & SAL ARE MINE. KTHANKSBYE! 

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