Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Review- Last Words by Sam Mariano

And they all lived happily ever after... hopefully.

BOOK SEVEN, the final installment in the Morelli Family series.
Please note: This is NOT a standalone. The story begins in Accidental Witness, so new readers need to start there.

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My Review

“Mia guilelessly exploits my greatest weakness—her love matters to me more than everything else in my life, and I could never stomach losing it.”

I’m so sad that this series is over. I know that there’s still a 7.5, but essentially the story is over with Last Words. The next book is just an added bonus. 

Well what a ride this was. This series on a whole is one of the best series I’ve ever read, and easily made its way up to my number one favorite series. You would assume with a 7 book series things would drag on or get boring and that was so not the case. I was kept on my toes the entire time. Sam is a brilliant writer and I’m so happy I found her work. I can’t wait to binge all of her other books and she also has climbed her way to my favorites list. 

Last Words was a great conclusion to the Morelli Family series. There are two things I would’ve liked to see happen that didn’t, so that’s where the 4 star rating comes in. I can’t exactly tell you what I would’ve wanted to happen, but what I can say is I hoped there would be two less characters in this book. Though I guess I understand why they’re still here. *rolls eyes* 

No but on a serious note, I loved this series, loved the characters, the drama, the violence. It was all amazing. I will seriously never forget this series. Well done Sam, you have made a forever fan in me!

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