Saturday, December 1, 2018

My Review of Lukas by Carian Cole

 A thirty-six year old mother of two finds out life isn't over after divorce when a sexy as hell twenty-four year old tattoo artist kisses her senseless under a shooting star.

Ivy thought she had it all--married to her high school sweetheart, two great kids, and a beautiful house. But her world comes crashing down when she catches her husband with another woman.

When her best friend gives her a gift certificate to a local tattoo parlor to cheer her up, Ivy gets a helluva lot more when inked-up Lukas Valentine--renowned tattoo artist, violin player extraordinaire, and extreme hopeless romantic--captures her heart.

Lukas is an old soul with a heart of gold. When Ivy walks into his shop, he's instantly drawn to her shy smile and down to earth personality. Tired of the dating scene, Lukas is ready to settle down, and he's hell-bent on making Ivy believe they can have the happily ever after they both dream about - with each other.

Despite their age difference, the chemistry and love they share is undeniable. Lukas is everything Ivy never knew she wanted in a man, but can she trust her heart with a much younger man, and can they overcome the hurdles that life keeps throwing in their way? 


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My Review
5 Stars

It's official. I have now read every book Carian Cole has written. I didn't think I'd like anyone as much as I love Talon but Lukas, man oh man is he hot. I normally don't like older women with younger men or any crazy age gaps and honestly although it is mentioned throughout the book, it was still easy to forget that Lukas is so much younger than Ivy. Lukas is sweet and caring and thoughtful and just ugh I loved him so much. 

Ivy meets Lukas when she decides to get her first tattoo at his tattoo parlor. From the first glance you could feel the emotional connection. Lukas is so intense and wise beyond his years. 
"I told you already, Sunshine. I don't make mistakes." He bows his head down lower until his lips brush across my cheek. "I make memories," he whispers. "Memories you'll never forget."
Their relationship is difficult as Ivy has 2 kids, a teenage daughter, and a young son, and let's not forget about her dou&%ebag husband. He's anti Lukas from the jump judging him with his tattoos, lip ring, and eyebrow piercing. I literally hung on every word Lucas had to say. I'm surprised I didn't highlight every word out of his mouth. He's just that delicious.
"Breathe, little doll," he whispers between kisses. "I'm going to make you fly." 
The whole time I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop knowing it's coming soon. And boy did it drop. What Ivy's daughter did made me see red.

My vision blurs as stabbing pain fills my chest, squeezing my heart. "You don't know what you're doing, Ivy. You're killing us. You're killing me." 
Looking forward to a reread in the future!

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