Monday, January 7, 2019

My Review of The Girl in Seat 24B by Jennifer Peel

One red eye flight and ten years of marriage later, Carly Bishop had what she considered a practically perfect life. Her journalist husband and her two adorable children were everything to her. But soon she would find out that her dream life didn't fall in line with her husband's expectations.

Left alone to sort out the pieces of her crumbling life, Carly finds strength in her children and her growing relationship with her in-laws. Most importantly, she finds her greatest strength as she builds a friendship with herself.

Determined to move forward and be happy, Carly does her best to make the most of her difficult situation. But will it be enough to save her marriage and the man she loves, or will his selfishness destroy everything they've worked for, including his own happiness?

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My Review
2 Stars

I really hate leaving 2 star reviews but I just really couldn't relate to the characters. The writing was good but I found Carly to be an extremely weak heroine and anyone that knows me, knows that this is my pet peeve in books. I hate when the female is weak and often I stop reading, but I wanted to see how this played out. 
Carly is a married mom of 2 and has noticed that her husband Michael has been distant for months now. Whenever she tries to touch him she feels rejected and this latest time Michael tells her he's no longer in love with her and has leased an apartment. I get that Carly wants to save her family and work things out but honestly the first few months that he's gone she really looks pathetic in my eyes. I mean the man blatantly told you he no longer loves you and had obviously been planning on moving out for a while seeing as he already has an apartment. And yes I do understand, I'm a married mom of 3 so I totally get wanting to save your marriage but I can tell you right now if my husband said that to me and walked out on me and  and my kids that is a huge turnoff to me, and while I would want to preserve our marriage there is only so much rejection and humiliation I would take. 

Spoiler Alert Ahead: Carly finds out she's pregnant with her 3rd child and in her second trimester notices some bleeding. She calls Michael umpteen times so that she can go to the hospital but guess what he doesn't answer or call her back. His parents take her to the hospital and finally Michael shows up to find out his wife his pregnant. Is he happy? No, he was too busy camping with his buddies while his wife was taking care of the kids he now pretty much ignores and herself and the baby. Honestly  the whole time, Michael totally ignored his wife and kids. He made little to no effort and when he made the smallest of effort Carly fawned all over him just to be rejected the next second. So Carly finally has the balls to say she's had enough and sets out to get a divorce but Michael now doesn't want a divorce but doesn't seem to want his family either. Finally at the end, literally the day Carly goes into labor, Michael realizes he doesn't want a divorce. So what does Carly do, make it hard for him, um no not really in my opinion. I mean she says she can't trust him but she pretty much lets him in right away. I don't know, I just know that I would never be humiliated like that. I'm the first person that says I need an hea in a book but honestly I don't think Michael deserved Carly. I get that he regretted it but Carly didn't get the chance to just walk out on life for nearly a year and do whatever the hell she wants. Maybe if he had been more involved with his kids but he was pretty much a bachelor (not saying he cheated) with no responsibilities for almost a year and didn't come back until he was ready.

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