Sunday, October 27, 2019

Before You by Marni Mann

It was supposed to be a typical work trip. New York to San Francisco, window seat, exit row. Maybe a mimosa.
Then, seat 14B sat down. When our eyes met, the flight became anything but routine.
I could pinpoint the moments in my life where everything changed forever.
Meeting Jared on that flight was first.
Falling in love with him was second.
Discovering the secrets he kept was third.
Putting my broken self back together and forgetting what I learned would be difficult. Forgiving Jared would be impossible.
He said, before me, nothing mattered. But after him, nothing would ever be the same.
"Billie, in all these years, I've never loved anyone ... before you." 

Before You was the first book of Marni's that I read, and it won't be the last! Marni has a way with words that keeps a reader glued to the pages from start to finish. Before you was two stories blended into one. There was a mixture of sensuality and suspense. I had no idea what tied the two stories together, and no matter how hard I tried to guess it, I never came close to figuring it out. This is the heartbreaking story of love in many forms, and forgiveness in its purest form. Jared and Billie are two characters that will stay with me long after this review is finished. The only think I wished for was more of an ending... I'm the reader that loves the 2.5 kids, and white picket fence. So I wish I would've gotten more towards the end, but I also understand why it was written the way it was. 

Before You was a great read! If you are a fan of contemporary romance, and a bit of suspense... this book is definitely for you! 
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