Monday, January 6, 2020

Guest Review - Destructive by Jay McLean

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Some villains are made. Some villains are born. And some villains aren’t villains at all. 
Nate DeLuca was born into a life he didn’t want.
Forced to walk a path that was already chosen for him. 
Grandson to a mob boss, he’s forever torn between his duty, his honor, his legacy, and the truth. 
But the truth is never simple, and it’s not at all what it seems. 
In a world full of secrets, heartache, and betrayals, Nate only has one thing on his mind: redemption. 
But with redemption comes destruction. 
And that destruction might cost him his heart. 
Three Lives. 
Two Loves.
One ticking time bomb…
Tick tock. 

*Guest Review*

*My friend Michelle has been a reader and beta reader for years. She's been wanting to try her hand at blogging, so I of-course offered her to be a guest reviewer on our blog. I hope you enjoy her review of Destructive by Jay McLean! -J*


It’s been almost four long years since the release of Redemptive and wow I am so thankful I found this trilogy only a mere two months ago. The two month wait was excruciating but SO WORTH IT. I was so nervous this last book wouldn’t live up to my angst and hype, but it far exceeded my expectations. 

I slowly tried to savor this book over the course of three days even though my initial reaction was to read it in one sitting. I wanted the time to feel everything each character felt. Talk about angst. There are so many players involved and every few chapters I was second guessing myself. How can Jay really tie this all up with a neat bow that won’t leave me a puddle of tears and mess? Trust Jay, this is some of her best work to date. 

-Michelle C.

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