About M&J

J- OHHHHH M.....

M- Um...why the hell are you moaning my name?????

J- you're such a perv... always going there.

M- I'm not the one moaning your name all the time......So....are you alone? What are you wearing?

J- LOL .. I think we should tell people about how we know each other, you know how I'm the nice 
one, you're the mean one, blah blah blah.

M- Yeah ok you're full of it, I'm the nice one in this relationship.

J- ok fine... guilty... I am definitely not as nice as you. Anyways, so how did we meet? Should we mention our amazing, lovable *cough cough* husbands introduced us? Or do we not even want to give them the credit?

M- Not even give them credit.  Moving on!

J- LOL ok so basically, we met, and you stalked my life and like needed me to be your best friend.  I’m pretty sure that’s how it went.

M- Yeah ok keep telling yourself that my little pet.

J- I did introduce you to your first romance book.  Arsen by Mia Asher to be exact.  Therefore, you owe me your life.

M- Hmmmm, ok fair enough you definitely did get me addicted to this genre. Arsen, what a way to start my love for romance!

J- but really, how did we meet? I don't even remember.

M- Well we became friends through our hubby’s, but we definitely met before that, through the cousins and brothers and such.

J- Well thank god for them.  *rolls eyes* But really, we probably owe them for that!  You’re being so tame. Usually you’re such a smart ass. Are you trying not to show that side of yourself yet?

M- Oh f-off lady

J- There she is... well, now that we gave them a sneak peek to our friendship let’s tell them a little more about ourselves.

M- Yes dear

Hi everyone!  I'm M and I'm so excited to start this journey with J.  I am a mama of 3 and other than my love of books I enjoy working out, cooking, and hot guys.  Let me also state that I would be considered a MasterChef in comparison to J's cooking skills!

Hey everyone, I’m J.  I’m a stay at home mother of 2.  I’m heavily addicted to coffee (Starbucks iced coffee to be exact), reading books, and watching dance videos & makeup tutorials on Instagram.  I am late almost 98% of the time, and curse way too much for my own good.  I’m so happy to begin this new journey with my bestie, M, after blogging with her this past year, -and knowing her for much longer than that- I knew we had to start our own blog together.  Also, don’t listen to M, I am the better chef in this relationship!  Welcome to what I like to call, our shit-show <3