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Genres We Accept

We will accept anything that has romance in it. 

Our favorite genres include: 

·                     Romance
·                     Forbidden Romance
·                     YA romance
·                     NA romance
·                     Mystery
·                     Paranormal Romance
·                     Suspense
·                     Historical Fiction

Formatting Preferences
We accept paperback, Kindle mobi files, and audio books.

Where We Promote Our Reviews or Book Promotions
·                     Our Blog Website
·                     Our Facebook Page
·                     Our Twitter
·                     Our Instagram

Our Rating Policy
·                     5 Stars- Books we absolutely loved and would read again.
·                     4 Stars- Books we enjoyed but didn’t have that 5 star “omg this is amazing” feel.
·               3 Stars- Books we liked. We didn’t hate them, they were just “OK”                  
·                     2 Stars- Books we couldn’t get into & would not recommend.
·                     1 Star- Books we really didn’t like. We couldn’t connect and it lacked in content.
·                     DNF- We don’t review or give star ratings to books we DNF.

Review Timeline

If we accept a review request, we ask that you allow us 1-3 weeks to review any book/books.  After we read we will post our review to the sites listed above.  Anything with a 3-star rating or below, will not be promoted on our Facebook Blog Account, however we will post those reviews to our Blog Website being that all reviews, good or bad, are posted on our site.  We don’t like to negatively promote anything, but still want to be honest to our fans, which is why we will post all reviews to our Blog Website.  If we DNF a book, we will NOT review or rate that book on any sites listed above.  If that does happen, we will kindly email/message the author to let you know. 

Though we wish that every book we read will be a 5 star, we understand that as readers, we won’t always like the books we read.  We pride ourselves on being honest but never mean when sharing our reviews.  We kindly ask that you respect our opinions, we will ALWAYS be honest about how we feel, but we make it a point to NEVER be mean.  We just ask that if our review isn’t a high rating, you respect our opinion. 

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